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UT Tyler Athletics: Baseball, Basketball & More


The University of Texas at Tyler is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II affiliate. Still, it will keep playing in the American Southwest Conference in Division III due to a three-year provisional period. Each of these UT Tyler athletic teams is known to practice their sport to become a better athlete and citizen. Being part of the NCAA gives these great athletes the chance to grow in all aspects on and off the field. These sports help all UT Tyler athletes gain better team-building, leadership, and decision skills that can be used in their casual and professional lives.

All these growth opportunities could not have been possible without the amazing work all the coaching and medical staff committed to. Some UT Tyler staff members are alumni dedicated to the institution’s progress. There’s no wonder why the UT Tyler Athletic Department has been successful in everything it has sought to accomplish.

Every one of UT Tyler’s athletes works hard to give UT Tyler fans a great time at the games. They recognize that each team is not only made up of the players and coaching staff but also the fans, students, and medical staff that are always supporting them. That’s why each athlete leaves everything they have on the field with no regrets.

Every UT Tyler athletic program contains something special that makes them worth watching. Each program has progressed significantly since its beginning and keeps progressing thanks to the involvement of everyone on and off the field.

The University of Texas at Tyler sponsors talented, athletic groups involved in nine different sports.

Men’s and Women’s Soccer

The UT Tyler soccer program has been one of the institution’s most successful. The coaching staff carefully picks each of its team members before adding them to the roster. The UT Tyler soccer team truly believes in hard work and determination. They understand that it takes more than talent to have a successful team. They do a fine job incorporating discipline and focus into their practices to prepare for every game. Their roster may change a little every year, but they will always make you feel their ambition when you watch them leave it all on the field.

Men’s and Women’s Cross-Country

The UT Tyler cross-country program does a great job at preparing our beloved athletes for every meet and test in life. Most runners know mental focus is needed to excel in sports and life. This great team of athletes always demonstrates that they don’t give up and do their best until the end. For this reason, the cross-country team has been known to develop top-quality human beings dedicated to building a better future for their families and the community.

Men’s and Women’s Basketball

The UT Tyler basketball teams are some of the most thrilling. This group of young men and women helps set a high standard for the institution. The basketball teams’ outstanding discipline helps them advance in all areas year after year. The coaching staff works hard toward developing training plans to get the players in shape for the following season.

Men’s and Women’s Golf

These two teams always look forward to competitive natured competitions and environments. They constantly work hard to get better every day and love to advance in every aspect of the game. These NCAA competitors will stop at nothing to be able to demonstrate their passion for golf at a highly competitive level. The secret behind UT Tyler’s golf teams’ success is their perseverance. They have a tradition of sticking with hard work and practice to be able to compete at every level.

Men’s and Women’s Tennis

UT Tyler athletics is filled with many natural-born champions. The UT Tyler tennis program works toward improving the institution’s academic and competitive success. The tennis program does a great job at leading each UT Tyler athlete to pursue their dreams regardless of their experience. The tennis coaching staff does an exceptional job of recruiting future team members that will fit right into the program and ensure future success.


The UT Tyler baseball team is certainly one to admire. They have given Tyler many good things to boast about due to their hard work and determination. The baseball team acknowledges that champions are made and discovered not only by their talent, but also by their hard work and humility. The UT Tyler baseball team works at creating an awesome set of athletes and an even better set of men that will put in the effort to help make the community better.


UT Tyler’s softball team is amazing. The coaching staff does an excellent job of picking and developing these young ladies into hard-working professionals. Whether these ladies go on to play professional softball (which some have) or choose a different professional path, they do it well.

Men’s and Women’s Track and Field

The UT Tyler track and field teams keep building on their success and hard work. They are constantly finding better ways to manage the teams and put forth the effort to gain individual and team success for the institution. They are well-rounded teams, ensuring everyone can compete in most collegiate track and field events. No matter what, these UT Tyler groups work hard at building a competitive legacy for the university each season.


There’s a reason our UT Tyler volleyball team is filled with talented players. The whole athletic branch dedicates its time to growing and advancing in everything they do. Win or lose, the volleyball program has helped shape its players to do everything with class and always put forth 100 percent of their effort. They work toward making the most of every practice to play each game at the best competitive level possible. To do this, the coaching staff ensures that every team’s athlete is coachable. They recognize that the team is only as good as every player allows it to be.

Recreational Sports

The competitive-level teams aren’t the only ones who can put on a good show at UT Tyler. The institution is filled with many athletic men and women who love outdoor and indoor sports. Although some student bodies did not choose to pursue or continue competitive sports, the UT Tyler institute is overflooding with natural talent. UT Tyler’s intramural sports also offer a fun alternative to maintaining a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle for its students.

We understand that some of UT Tyler’s local students may be busy with finals during their preferred sport’s competitive season, but the students always find a way to enjoy some sports.

UT Tyler students can sign up for different sports and classes, including:

  • Indoor Soccer
  • Outdoor Soccer
  • Disk Golf
  • Basketball
  • Billiards
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Rock Climbing
  • Biking
  • Tennis
  • Power Sport

Note: Some of these intramural competitions don’t allow competitive NCAA players to participate in the competition because of NCAA rules.